Doyle and Gerri Williams

“Michael, Gerri and I wanted you and Maggie to know how much we appreciated the outstanding service we received in the sale of our Lake Ozark condo that we listed with your agency in mid July of this past (2014) Summer and had a signed contract by early September. The closing on October, 2 was actually a really pleasant experience for a change after some 9 total real estate closing experiences since my retirement in 1995. We have observed in the past that closings can be stressful but not this time.

In addition to you and Maggie, we especially appreciated the fine job done by your chosen closing agency, they were a joy to work with and reflects favorably on your choice of professionals needed to complete the voluminous paper work required in today’s business world. We wish all of you well in the future.

Finally the leading players in any sales transaction, the Buyers, John And Gail Stiles, thanks in no small part to your skillful ability to keep all of us on track and on very friendly terms, were as good as buyers get. Gerri and I feel we got along famously. As a result of all this, I believe buyer and seller have a warm, fuzzy feeling that this was a good and fair deal for both of us and that, in the end, I trust you will agree, is what a really good business transaction is all about.

Didn’t mean to carry on so, but Michael and Maggie, we just had to let you know how pleased we were with your services. Your friends always, Doyle and Gerri Williams, KC, Mo.”

sold winter

775 Clearwater Drive, Unit 3D, Camdenton  $119,900