Dana & Marge Elrod

“Michael and Stanley:

Thank you so much for your efforts in successfully selling our home. Your diligence and perseverance made the sale a reality.

Having worked with other realtors in the area, I can honestly say that you two are definitely a cut above the rest. Your willingness to market a small home in the same manner as you did our high-end home showed a true commitment to the customer.

Your technical knowledge of home construction is invaluable, as well. Often times, buyers don’t understand the nuances of a home, and your ability to point out both strengths and challenges instills confidence in the buyer.

With your connections and well-earned reputation as an honest realtor, you were able to work through potential issues with Ameren and reached a satisfactory solution for our buyers regarding their dock. Without this effort, I’m confident the sale wouldn’t have occurred. The buyers’ agent didn’t have the knowledge to make it happen.

Thanks again – you can rest assured we will continue to recommend your team as realtors who will make a difference for their customers.”

sold apache

48 Apache Road, Sunrise Beach $319,500