Charlene and Paul Radzom

We had a GREAT experience with Michael on the sale of our Lake Lot # 188 Grand Cove Rd.. Our phone rang one evening and I was just leaving for a bit and the caller id came up M. Elliott. I

don’t answer the phone unless it’s someone we know.  I did answer b/c I thought it was my sewing lady (last name).

But no, it was Michael Elliott from the Lake. We had been wanting for yrs. to sell our property and he was calling to see if we would sell to someone who had contacted him.

We were SO THRILLED. He was the NICEST agent we had ever had. Everything went so well and all was so explained to us in detail. Everyone we dealt with was so PROFESSIONAL.

We would refer to him anytime we know of someone at the Lake wanting to sell or buy.

Thank you Michael!!!  Charlene and Paul